For centuries, the schools that make up the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation have sought to meet the changing needs of the communities they serve. From September 2019, King’s High will be leading the next major step in our development by joining Warwick School and Warwick Preparatory School on the Myton Road Campus.

The move from Landor House completes a process that began in 1879 when Warwick School relocated to its current site. Warwick Preparatory School made the same transition in 1971 and took a tradition of forward thinking into superb new facilities that have continued to expand.

Steps that shape the future

The decision to create a single, unparalleled campus was inspired by the combined aims and priorities of the Foundation Schools, which focus on equipping all pupils with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. By making it easier to share resources, expertise and educational best practice, our Schools have an opportunity to enhance their performance and support every student in unlocking their potential.


Now that the £41.25 million building programme is underway, it is clear that we have an opportunity to create a truly exceptional campus for our pupils and the wider Warwick community; a campus that not only provides a new home for King’s High, but also has the capacity to deliver an extra level of benefits. An additional £4 million is needed to fully maximise the potential of the new site and ensure that all the new buildings, walkways and green spaces are finished to our highest aspirations.

As a Foundation, we also recognise our responsibility to ensure that the King’s High that was, is very much a part of the fabric and feeling of the new building’s classrooms, cloisters and courtyards. In making the transition, as part of One Campus Plus we plan to reflect the School’s unique heritage by:

Creating a new version of the King’s High story, similar to the one currently on display in the Octagon building and prominently featured in one of the new School’s social spaces.

Commissioning an appropriate artistic tribute that recognises the important place of Landor House in the School’s history.

Transforming the iconic Blue Door into a sympathetic design feature within the new site.

Consideration is also to be given to commissioning a special memorial to the Foundation’s historic connection to the town centre location, next to the Eastgate. The longstanding links which the Foundation has could be reflected in a permanent feature on the redeveloped site, providing a lasting reminder of all our Schools' historic place in the town.

The legacy we have been given is one of welcoming and embracing opportunity, which has often triggered major development of our facilities or resources. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of benefactors and friends, past and present. The impact of their philanthropy is constantly reflected in the quality of education on offer and the appetite for learning it nurtures.

As we prepare to launch the One Campus Plus campaign, we invite you to be part of our next generation of givers and help us to ensure that the Project we have begun, is guaranteed to be the very best it can be.