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We know how important it is for young people to take root in a rich and stimulating landscape where they can thrive. Increasing the opportunities for personal achievement, inside and outside the classroom, is the goal of One Campus Plus.

Seeds that flourish

One Campus Plus is a campaign to raise an additional £4 million so that all of our pupils can unlock their potential. Whether their abilities align with academic, sporting or artistic pursuits, we want to continue to nurture a fertile landscape for learning where everyone flourishes. With this in mind, our aim is to enhance the new campus with the following extra facilities, fittings and features:

A new sports pavillion

With views across the playing fields, the new 3G pitch and the existing all-weather pitches. This building would be used by all, but also provide modern changing facilities for our home and visiting teams. We have always planned to refurbish the current outfield pavilion, and one day to completely rebuild it. However, with support through the One Campus Plus campaign, we would be able to bring forward the plans for a new Pavilion as a part of the current building programme, alleviating future disruption and utilising the funds earmarked for the refurbishment to help meet the costs of the new build.

Undercover sports facilities

Increased to 7,500m2, by constructing a Canopy to cover the six tennis and two netball courts. This will improve access and wider use of the sports facilities for all, but especially our junior pupils.

A surround area to the planned 3G pitch

Including pitch-side dugouts and facilities.

An additional astro turf pitch

To further improve the access to sport for all pupils, all year round.

Enhancements to the new prep school play space

The opportunity to express ourselves through creative play, is something we appreciate at any age. Having the space to explore games that depend on imagination, freedom and connectivity with others, is just as important as having access to state-of-the-art classrooms or well-designed study areas.

One Campus Plus recognises the need for dedicated places in which our pupils can learn and develop through play. It includes several enhancements to the new Prep School Play Space, making it an exceptional environment for our younger pupils encouraging strong relationships through social and physical activity.

Contemporary furniture and fittings

In particular for the world-class Sixth Form Centre and Music School. Whilst every effort will be made to transfer and re-use fixtures and fittings, we have an opportunity to style these new spaces with state-of-the-art IT and furnishings that suit the varied activities they will support.

Planting and landscaping

In external areas to enhance the established campus and create plenty of tranquil, themed green places and attractive courtyards.

Specially commissioned artwork

Wall artwork to complement the new buildings.


As we prepare to launch the One Campus Plus campaign, we invite you to be part of our next generation of givers and help us to ensure that the Project we have begun, is guaranteed to be the very best it can be.

Scale of giving

The Scale of Giving below shows an example of gifts in cash and pledges that can be made over three years to raise the £4 million.  

All gifts will be gratefully received.

Gifts can be made above, below and in between the various levels and can be pledged over any frequency and any period between one and three years.

*Annual cost of gift to a 20% basic rate taxpayer

Gift calculator

Net donation
UK tax payer 1
Gift Total with
Gift Aid 2
Final cost to
40% tax payer 3
Final cost to
45% tax payer 4
Annual Gift Total - - - -
Monthly Gift Amount - - - -
Total Amount - - - -

1.Net donation amount for a donor paying adequate UK income tax and who signs a valid Gift Aid declaration.

2.Total value of donation to the school once Gift Aid has been reclaimed.

3.Net cost to a 40% UK income tax payer after reclaiming additional tax relief as a charitable donation in their tax return. This is the responsibility of the individual donor.

4.Net cost to a 45% UK income tax payer after reclaiming additional tax relief as a charitable donation in their tax return. This is the responsibility of the individual donor.

Please contact the Development team for further information or to make your donation:
email or call 01926 776402.
Gifts from corporations or foundations/trusts may also be eligible for tax relief as a charitable donations.
Please contact the Development team for further information.

Disclaimer: These figures are presented for illustrative purposes only. No tax advice is being given. All donors are encouraged to obtain qualified financial advice to confirm the tax implications of their gift, as personal circumstances will vary.