We want to create an unparalleled campus where pupils are encouraged to explore new pursuits and find the confidence to develop their talents. The journey of discovery they begin here, will shape collaborative experiences and individual passions that last a lifetime.

The campaign team

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The ambition to raise £4 million

We invite you to share this passion for educational excellence, collaboration and collective endeavour. As high performing separate schools, we have an unmissable opportunity to combine our strengths and create a unique, flagship campus that’s equipped to serve all who come here.

Make a Gift

Our goal of raising £4 million can be achieved if only 258 members of our community and friends make a gift on our scale of giving of between £1,000 and £500,000. The scale of giving is a structured way to demonstrate the different levels of gifts required to reach our target. Making a gift is a very personal decision and gifts can, of course, be made above, below or in between the illustrative amounts.

All donors who make a gift of £1,000 or more to the campaign will be officially recognised around the campus.

Make a gift today

If you wish to discuss making a gift to the campaign, please contact a member of our Campaign team on 01926 776402 or by email at

Thank you for your interest.

Energy that takes you places

The One Campus Plus Campaign is driven by our ambition to honour the energy and vision of those who have gone before us, with a single, stunning campus for our future school community.

Our Schools have grown and thrived as a result of the vision, integrity and sheer determination of those who have travelled the road before us. Their grasp of what made education exceptional inspired bold ideas, based on personal conviction and a readiness to shape each School’s future. One Campus Plus resonates with the same sense of historic endeavour and sets out an opportunity to strengthen the extraordinary partnerships for learning and leisure that our pupils thrive on.


We hope that everyone has the opportunity to hear personally and directly about Project One Campus and our fundraising campaign. A team of ambassadors, drawn from the whole community, are helping to share the message of One Campus Plus as personally and informally as possible.

Our ambassadors help to organise events and communications for their networks across the Foundation. They hosts events at the school where attendees can hear directly from the senior leadership of the schools about the project, and hear details of how they can personally support One Campus Plus should they wish to do so.

We are sincerely grateful to our ambassadors for helping to share the message of One Campus Plus to the whole community.

Should you wish to attend an event, an ambassador from your year group may be in touch soon. Please contact one of our development team if you would like to find out more about becoming an ambassador.

The Warwick Independent Schools Foundation is committed to the highest standards in fundraising. We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice.



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