We want to create an unparalleled campus where pupils are encouraged to explore new pursuits and find the confidence to develop their talents. The journey of discovery they begin here, will shape collaborative experiences and individual passions that last a lifetime.

The campaign team

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King’s High and
Warwick Prep School
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Warwick School

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The need to raise £4 million

We invite you to share this passion for educational excellence, collaboration and collective endeavour. As high performing separate schools, we have an unmissable opportunity to combine our strengths and create a unique, flagship campus that’s equipped to serve all who come here.

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Energy that takes you places

The One Campus Plus Campaign is driven by our ambition to honour the energy and vision of those who have gone before us, with a single, stunning campus for our future school community.

Our Schools have grown and thrived as a result of the vision, integrity and sheer determination of those who have travelled the road before us. Their grasp of what made education exceptional inspired bold ideas, based on personal conviction and a readiness to shape each School’s future. One Campus Plus resonates with the same sense of historic endeavour and sets out an opportunity to strengthen the extraordinary partnerships for learning and leisure that our pupils thrive on.

The Warwick Independent Schools Foundation is committed to the highest standards in fundraising. We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice.